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I’m an explorer – of ideas and places.

she's an eclecticmavin

she’s an eclecticmavin

After roaming the world for the past couple of decades, I seem to have landed in the wine-growing, emerging gourmet and cultural destination of Orange in the Central West of NSW.

My background is in tourism and communications, so while I’m doing my Masters degree I kind of couldn’t stop myself from exploring my new region and writing about it. It’s kind of what I do.

This is the type of blog I like to look up whenever I plan to go and land somewhere different, written by a local giving you insider information on the best places to visit, eat and drink.

I also write for The Localist online travel site, you can check it out here.

The anecdotes section is where I get all eclectic and chat about being an expat in Abu Dhabi, being an ex-expat in Australia and doing a Masters degree in communications.

Enjoy, Kelly

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6 thoughts on “about this blog

  1. good luck Kelly & Paolo!!! third time lucky for sure! and 2014 is meant to be a great year, inshallah! love, Ania xx

  2. Enjoyed your comments and pics. Next visit please make sure to visit the Carcoar Hospital Museum for a real taste of life as it was.

    • I’ll be going back to Carcoar, absolutely adore it. and I have more finds to discover in that beautiful Carcoar Trading Shop! Thanks for the wonderful feedback and the tip to visit the Hospital Museum, will definitely drop in and write an update :0)

  3. Next time you are in Molong, visit the Molong and District Servicemen & Servicewomen’s Portrait Gallery at the RSLClub…over 50 portraits by Anne Marie Ingham who died recently.

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