signs of a faded era

Emerging from a two week hiatus due to Masters-semester aftershock and a bout of the flu, am regaining my inspiration from a new penchant I’ve developed for discovering a plethora of vintage painted advertisements on the walls of old corner stores, gasoline pumps and warehouses in the villages that surround the Orange region.

Apparently searching for the ghosts of times past is now a bit of a thing in our cosmopolitan cities, but the real glories are to be found out here in the countryside because these signs are hardly faded at all. But it most definitely involves a skill of looking up, peeking around corners, and opening up new vistas to include the story lines of the past in your view.

The first beauty here above [ETA Peanut Butter] was found in Forbes, old Ben Hall country, and below are glorious examples of a Billy Tea ad found on the lane way side of a corner store and a 1930s Atlantic Motor Oil ad slapped on the side of a terrace house next to a disused motor garage in Carcoar.

Billy Tea, Carcoar

Billy Tea, Carcoar


Atlantic Motor Oil, Carcoar

Over in Canowindra, I found a sign exhorting us to ‘start the day well with Kincara – the super sorted tea’. It’s on the side of an old general store which is now the elegant tasting rooms for Swinging Bridge Wines, so still enabling us all to start the day rather pleasantly.

Kincara Tea, Canowindra

Kincara Tea, Canowindra

After a roundtrip of the villages, it’s back to Orange and to my favourite of them all. Another Billy Tea stunner on the side of the wall of my favourite local restaurant, the Rocking Horse Lounge.

Billy Tea, Rocking Horse Lounge in Orange

Billy Tea, Rocking Horse Lounge in Orange



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