all hail Autumn + the village pub


The fantastic thing about the arrival of Autumn and the rain and the chilly evenings, is the village pub. As soon as the rain hit we hit the road the Millthorpe to Gerry’s Commercial Hotel to warm up by the fire.

You can’t really ask more from a village pub than a roaring fire and a publican with a broad Irish accent, but the Commercial goes even better than this and offers up award-winning pub food, a stellar wine list (being just next door to the Angullong cellar door), Guinness on tap and craft beer – and Jamesons.

Gerry and his wife have scored the 2014 ‘Best Lamb Burger’ and 2013 ‘Best Steak’ awards from the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Pub Food Guide, and the pub has achieved ‘2 Schooner Status’ in 2013 and 2014.

Totally opposed to pokies, televisions and TAB punting, this is a pub for good conversation and conviviality. If you get over-excited by it all you can even stay the night.

Enjoy! Kelly


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