let the vineyards come to you: Kelly’s Rugby Hotel

This place might just about be Orange’s best kept local secret. Don’t be fooled by the goldrush era exterior, Kelly’s Rugby Hotel  not only has a drive-through bottleshop (very classy, very handy in winter) but it has the best-stocked local and regional cellar in town.

If you are on a flying visit and can’t make it to the vineyards, don’t despair. Kelly’s stocks it all, and better yet, because they buy in bulk they pass on the savings. TOP BLOKES.

But wait, the love and regard and esteem I have for this place knows no bounds. Their friends at the vineyards also send through cleanskins when they’ve had a bumper year. So much value, so much joy, who needs labels to understand what you’re drinking.

I have friends who make the drive up from Sydney just to visit the two Kelly’s – me and this bottleshop.

Share the love and enjoy,


You’ll find the legendary Kelly’s Rugby Hotel Orange at 133 Lords Place. You can also find them on Facebook to keep up with the specials. 


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