100km art show: worth making the trek

Featuring local artists living within a 50km radius from Orange, the 100km art show makes an appearance at the Orange Regional Gallery every two years or so. This year the theme is sustainability, with artists invited to express their views about Australia’s complex relationship with the environment and possible ways forward.

Declared “an exhibition to spark debate” by local newspaper Central Western Daily from the outset, I’m not entirely sure if any of the questions get answered but there’s some knock-out stuff from the local talent which is worth getting immersed in.

Jane Tyack’s ‘Australians all let us recoil’ kind of sets the pace as one of the exhibition’s main features, constructed from a recycled coil spring mattress and echoing words (intentionally / unintentionally / question mark) from Melbourne hiphop artists TZU.

The current PM gets lambasted for being an ‘unsustainable joke’ on climate change, so I guess that’s where the Central Western Daily thinks it all gets a little provocative, and then you’ve got sculptor Senden Blackwood‘s ‘Death Star Egg’ nestling in old rubber tyres and evoking Star Wars.

There’s also the stunning ‘Pockmarked Paradise – Pillars WA 2012’ by award-winning local artist Joy Engelman – part of her Land/Marks series, an exploration of the organic nature of landscape and the marks man makes on it.

And then there’s a more whimsical element on our relationship with nature, with Jaq Davies’ ‘Trove 2013’ and the charming gold leaf and thread on envelopes and old library cards by Heather Pike, with evocative titles such as ‘yesterday was cold, it reminded me of how you felt’, which I would have bought by the truckload if they hadn’t already been snapped up.

The 100km Art Show – Sustainability is on at the Orange Regional Gallery in Gallery 1 until 2 February 2014. Coming up, Gallery 3 re-opens for the new year with an exhibition by local artist group Studio 15. Their REFLECTIVE MOMENTS exhibition opens to the public from 11 January and runs until 16 February 2014.


You can find the Orange Regional Gallery on Facebook 


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