live like a local: Orange Botanic Gardens

It’s a hidden gem and a sparkling jewel in the many-hued crown of Orange. We go running in the Botanic Gardens every morning, and there’s hardly anyone else there so it’s like our own private and glorious domain – but we’re happy to share it with you.

Established in 1988, the gardens are spread over a 17 hectare site and showcase a homestead garden, billabong, apple orchard and – my absolute favourite – the heritage rose garden set below a historic church. Have a meander through breathing in deep wafts of eucalyptus and birdsong.

The hilltop Botanic function venue stars catering from the hard-to-beat Byng Street Local Store, and there’s also the Patmos Garden Cafe nearby for coffee refuels.


postscript: Vicky Frost from The Guardian Australia visited Orange last year, and according to her ‘botanic gardens’ is a slightly grand moniker and it’s “just a posh park”. Well, fair enough. We’ll settle for posh park, that’ll do.

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