sunset at Union Bank wine bar

We tried to kick-off a pub crawl on Xmas eve at the Union Bank wine & dining bar, and it was a lovely place to start. This is another great venue to explore the bounty of the local vineyards if you can’t quite make it to the cellar doors, and we celebrated the night before Christmas with a bottle of Phillip Shaw’s ‘The Gardener Pinot Gris 2013’.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much where our pub crawl ended. Everything else was shut and hardly anyone else was out. So there goes our expat tradition of scouring bars at all sorts of hours in all sorts of places on the eve of the traditional festive season, ah well.

The view of the sunset from the Union Bank wine garden more than made up for it, it was a glory postcard of pinks and purples and a blaze of gold falling into starlight.

New owners, Tom Ward (also winemaker & owner of Swinging Bridge winery) and Nick Bacon took over the venue in September 2013, and things are looking good already. We didn’t get a chance at the time to mosey into the new Swinging Bridge cellar door that’s located in the wine garden of the Union Bank (location, location, location), so that also gives us a great excuse to go back. again + again.


You can find Union Bank Wine Bar & Dining on Facebook and Twitter – and for Swinging Bridge try here and here


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