meet you at Mayfield Vineyard


This vineyard is always a first port of call when I return to the countryside. it’s gorgeous, with the cellar door set inside an old 19th century schoolhouse on the farm. and the wine is amazing.

On the Icely Road just outside of Orange, the vineyard boasts two labels – Mayfield Vineyard and Icely Road. and my, the Pinot Noir Sparkling Chardonnay! James Halliday in the Wine Companion gives the vineyard a four star rating, and the Sydney Morning Herald have called it a “top cellar”.

It’s entirely possible to stay in one of the cottages on the property if you book far ahead enough – apparently give it at least 3 or 4 weeks. I also think it would be a marvellous place to get married, and made a concerted effort to drop hints to The Italian over a birthday morning tea of sparkling and a taster of every white on the shelf. He remained charmingly oblivious, but there’s plenty of opportunity to continue taking him out there – we haven’t tried all the reds yet.


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