hidden gem: Cook Park Guildry


This is what I imagine hipster heaven looks like – handmade crafts, hand turned wooden objets d’art and preserves, slices and cakes galore.

Hidden within the glorious realms of Cook Park in the heart of the town, the Cook Park Guildry is one of the places that you should visit if you want to live like a local. Everyone drops in to pick up cakes & slices for afternoon teas and pretends they’ve baked them themselves.

Staffed by a delightful rotatation of volunteer local handicrafters (including my mum), there are the obligatory 1970s multi-coloured crocheted bed throws, fluffy coat hangers, appliquéd handkerchiefs, bent fork windchimes – oh the list is endless, it’s a virtual treasure trove. In fact, when I posted a snap on Instagram I had an instant reply from a friend asking how much the wood burned Kangaroo plaque on the wall was.

Speaking of mum, she makes a mean beetroot relish and an out-of-this-world cranberry & macadamia slice.


Cook Park Guildry, in their own words

preserves, slices, cakes - the joy at Cook Park Guildry

preserves, slices, cakes – the joy at Cook Park Guildry


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